Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So long Hyderabad

We are saying goodbye to Hyderabad tomorrow. This is an insanely busy, crowded, loud city with some cool people who work their little butts off to make it a better place.

We played "holi" festival of colours with the staff one morning, caking everyone in powdered colours. (Some of which didn't come off rosemary' s face for about 3 days! !) This is now my favourite festival for obvious reasons.

We visited the golconda fort amd tombs. (Which of course we paid 10 times the amount...just for being a foreigner) Large beautiful mausoleums to sit on muslim graves and ancient walled forts that have seen many battles over its control.

We saw a huge white marble temple and many brightly coloured temples scattered all over the city. My favourite is ganesh who gives good karma to new beginnings.  (Again, for obvious reasons)

We wondered thru some of the parks ....if we could ever find the entrance. And of course we would be gawked at and even leered at, so never really stayed long.

But most of all we enjoyed working with this team. Last week I taught several sessions of palliative symptom management to a new class taking the one month palliative course. Rosemary cleaned and organized/inventoried the home care vans after we bought them some drawers etc. We created symptom management protocols, new assessment forms and a new protocol for sharps disposal (which was non existent).

And overall, we are astounded at the care, compassion and pure will this staff has to do this job! Well done everyone! I am looking forward to coming back!

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  1. You guys have brought future blessings to clients you will never meet! You rock, ladies! Travel safely