Saturday, January 16, 2016

Teaching, kites and more food

Yesterday was festival day; a holiday for Hindu harvest and a kite festival. But education gets no rest. We all spent the day at the hospice..... I, with my home care nurses and others teaching the month long intensive palliative care course. 
My day was spent reviewing assessment skills for nurses. What questions to ask and how to organize all the information for sharing it with docs or coworkers. We reviewed case studies and did role play. We discussed follow up and how to document effectively. We reviewed universal precautions and how to catch hypo active delirium. 
What a great group of ladies this team has! All were eager to learn and able to express knowledge they already have. It was such a great day spent with that bunch!

And of course we ate! 😉 another delicious lunch was served with dhal and chutney, curry and sweets. After which we drove out to the edge of the city to a kite festival where tons of people were flying a variety of kites.... With a variety of skill level! Good fun, great way to end a busy day.

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