Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The swing of things

We have been in Hyderabad for 3 full days now and i have to say it's been pretty easy getting back into the swing of things. It feels good to be back! The warm air, frangipani trees, chaotic traffic, and 'Indian time' have a familiarity that is nice to me. (Considering this is the first time going back to the same place twice)
It has also been very nice to know a little about what I'm stepping in to. Yes, there are some new faces, but plenty of familiar ones too. 
Our first day at the hospital included education sessions on radiotherapy, meeting the docs that head the home care team to sort out what my plan and goal was for my time here, meeting the director et al of the hospital, and of course eating . Man! I love the food!

The last two days I was riding along with the home care team like last year. This year I see them using the assessment form I created last year, and using the sharps containers in the vans!!!! Both those make me a very happy girl! 

And last night we were whisked about in cars with drivers (thanks to our influential Doctor) to shopping for nice outfits, then to the home of the rich benefactor of our home care program to change into our new outfits and then on to this home of a doctor who happens to live in indias high society but volunteers her time for our home care teams for a lovely evening and dinner! I saw the opposite side of India than we see doing home care visits that for sure!!

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