Saturday, February 21, 2015


Our first weekend in Hyderabad was spent attending the International Indian Palliative care Conference. We spent 3 days meeting leaders in palliative care from all over the world, working so hard to bring good palliative care to everyone. The theme was innovate, integrate, and influence. We heard about a lot of new studies, both in evidence for new practice and in where and why the palliative care is most needed. One of the big focuses this year was on new indian legislation, improving the access to opioids (which at this point is mainly morphine). There is still a long way to go and a lot of people fighting for the human right to access of palliative care and pain control. I heard about about pediatric palliative care and its limitations. And why we need early screening and intervention ; cultural barriers here in india . We heard about alternative therapies like yoga and blowing bubbles ;) how to incorporate into critical care and emergency medicine; support for caregivers; symptom management ideas; spirituality(which is hugely important here); palliative care in non malignant diseases....
All in all, it was an excellent gathering of some of the top people in palliative care around the world with poignant things to say, and the most inspiring women!!! A surprising amount of female doctors and other inspiring women making a huge difference in this world!
I feel honoured to have met so many amazing people.

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