Saturday, February 28, 2015

The life....

So yesterday we were invited to a college's house "for a small dinner". So after a long day at work, we grab an autorickshaw, and head to her house.
[Side note: there are no actual addresses around here.... a few streets have names but houses are tucked back into mazes or lanes and alleys with no names. So addresses literally have landmarks such as "across from the sai bubba temple". So we had to get off at the bus stand and wait for her to come and lead us to her house. ]

We arrive at her house, being introduced to all her siblings and mom and their children...had a cup of chai and were entertained by the children with song and dance.
Then we were told to go upstairs to the rooftop where we walked straight into a home church Telugu.  Thankfully the brother who was preaching, only put the spotlight on us for a few mins. After the service we were ushered downstairs again to eat with the children, while the adults all sat kn the rooftop and ate. Huh.
Then as we were leaving to find another auto (which we told our college about 4 times).... there were two young men with motorcycles that she told us to go with. We thought they were just taking us to the main street to find an auto, but nope.....they were driving us all the way back to the hotel. So we got the authentic indian experince of riding on the back of a motorcycle, weaving through crazy night time traffic. I enjoyed myself. ...rosa was hanging on for dear life, but was a good sport about it! Hah!

Ps: yesterday I saw a sign on the highway that stated Hyderabad was the worlds #2 tourist place. Votes?

Pps: to add to my previous post....
I like eating with my hand.
I REALLY REALLY dont like all the garbage. This is a serious problem in so many countries I visit .... im starting to feel a serious need to change things. 

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