Monday, February 9, 2015

Oh india....

We reluctantly left our beach front room to board a night bus to a small town of Hampi.
We arrived at the "bus stop" very early cause we had nothin else to do...and met two pairs heading to bangalore...two different bus companies...but both were due for departure at 730pm. By 8, neither of the buses had shown up. Shortly after the one company's bus rolled right past the stop without slowing down. Thankfully,  the girls managed to catch it. Then the other pair's bus rolled by after 9pm and didnt slow down, despite the dude waving the bus down!!! So then they had to wait until the next bus who picked them up and met them with their proper bus at the next stop!!!
Our experience: several buses from the same company came by but none for Hampi.  Finally an hour late a decrepit looking bus rolls in. The men running the bus didnt seem to have a clue what they were doing. Then a second nicer bus rolls up and then the dude realizes half the people going to Hampi were on that nicer (aka. A.c.) bus. We get to our spots after another couple vacated to the other bus to find two single sized strips side by side to make a double.  No curtain. Bent rail. Drunk russian below us. Excellent.
We did manage to snag same deal but with a curtain across the way but sleeping on a moving bus, crammed side by side did not equal any sleep for me.
Chocking that one up as experience.
But.....we did arrive in a fantastic little location.  A large spread out area of ruins of a hindu nation fron the 16th century.  Amazing stone work and temples galore!  All tucked in among banana fields, rice fields,  and a lovely river running among some amazing monolithic rocks!!
We spent the day wandering these ruins and are now spent! Few more hrs tomorrow to finish it off and we'll be on the train to Hyderabad! !!

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