Friday, February 6, 2015


After the business and rush of Mumbai, we headed south to goa. An overnight train on a bunk barely wide enough for a person....but the coffee and chai were readily available and cheaper than chips. (They love to say that here...thank you england for the influence ;)
We found ourselves with a beach front room, literally steps from the water. The room is simple but cheap and the surf puts us to sleep each night.
The water is a perfect temperature and the soft sand is throughout the bay. Sure...its filled with tourists but this bay still manages to be quiet and underdeveloped, with simple beach huts and rooms lining the beach. No high rises or big resorts.
I kayaked out to a small island and along the coast dotted with secluded little beaches a couple of times. We had fresh tandoori fish , dining right on the beach. We swam. we sat on lounge chairs under an umbrella. We basked in the warm sun.

Today, however I did something different.  I hired one of many royal enfield motorcycles and went for a ride into the mountain jungle. It was a narrow winding road where you never knew what you would get around each corner. A lori passing a car on a corner; a brightly painted temple; a couple of cows; people walking with huge piles of wood or water on their heads; a monkey. ...
I stopped at a tower lookout near the top of the mtn, where a van full of men happened to also be taking a break. After a nice view of the valley below I head back to the bike...and have no starter. Within a couple of tries on the kick start, I was surrounded by this gaggle of men jabbering away. With their insisted help, we got the bike started and I was on my way again. Later on down the road, I stop for a cold drink. And the bike won't start again. This time the kick start won't work and I enlisted the help of a standerby to push start the thing up again.
At this point I have lost trust in the bike and head back without another stop. Despite the failed bike, I really quite enjoyed the ride...and even the traffic that doesn't seem to follow any rules other than "bigger is better and gets right of way".
A lovely relaxing spot to chill before we head to Hyderabad to start work. 

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  1. Love it all! And it's interesting that you neufies have ver similar motorcycle trip experiences no matter where you are. Soak it all in and enjoy the work you are about to begin. Many opportunities and gifts await you 😄