Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The good, the bad and the funny

I'm starting to see a few sides to India and naturally, there are things I like and don't like. And there are the things I find hilarious!

I love the tiny cups of piping hot chai. I love the sparkling bright colours everywhere. I love the head waggle (and im getting pretty good at it!). I have even come to love the conversation of horns in the street. If you really listen, you can hear what they're saying to each other. "Im right here" - "excuse me, I'd like to pass" - "GET OUT OF THE WAY! !!" - "would you like a taxi? " - "move over!" .....
I love biriyani rice and palak paneer.

I don't much like the leering stares, that swivel heads 360 degrees as they stumble into traffic,  but if its purely curiosity, I've started waving and saying hello. That usually makes it stop. ;) I dont much like the constant and utter chaos in the streets All. Day. Long....but again...I've come to sort of enjoy the ebb and flow and pecking order that are the streets, and have gotten pretty good at weaving through it all too! I don't much like that there are indian prices...and then there are foreign prices.

And then there are things that crack me up!  Like an auto rickshaw full of coconuts, or two camels being walked across a bridge. Or a cow dressed up with a floral halo being walked thru busy traffic on a main st in mumbai. Or a family of five on a motorcycle; toddler usually fast asleep on the gas tank, dad driving, kid sandwiched between dad and mom who is riding side saddle holding and infant. A man reading the newspaper on the back of a motorcycle.  A man carrying a dresser on a motorcycle.  Carrying just about anything or everything frankly. Like a huge bunch of balloons or a huge piece of glass.

This is a land of contradictions.  Of tastes and smells and sounds and colours that all delight and don't.  But all in all...I think we're getting along pretty good so far.

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