Monday, February 2, 2015

First lesson

The first lesson we learned in mumbai is that everything can be found by walking straight; five mins. Every single set of directions, when asked was "walking straight. 5 mins".
Even when it wasn't. 

We have now spent 4 days tramping around the streets and neighbourhoods. We have seen everything from posh new high rises to colonial british buildings to the poorest slums in the world. We watched thousands of men doing loads of laundry in the outdoor washermans colony "Dhobighat". We saw muslim mosques and hindu temples. More colourful saris than we can count!
The city practically vibrates with people,  horns, black and yellow taxis, dogs some goats in t-shirts and a few cows. 

I even got the chance to meet up with a gorgeous couple I met ice climbing on a glacier in alaska (as you do) for an evening out. We had drinks at a local watering hole and a delicious meal with these yogurt filled pastries being the favourite.

We braved the city trains (which ended up being way easier than we expected) to another up and coming suburb to check out some graffiti. 

We took a ferry over to an island with caves filled with ancient carvings of hindu deities.  on the way back however, our motor broke on the ferry qnd we sat drifting for about hald an hour until another ferry came along and pulled us back to the harbour. 

The air never really clears up. The locals walk on the road with all the crazy traffic instead of the footpaths. (We have managed to get pretty good at dodging traffic as we cross these busy streets. )  pedestrians are very low on the totem pole of importance on the roads. But even the constant honking and weaving and zipping around each other on the roads didn't seem to bother us much. The red lights and lane lines are merely a sugeestion and frankly. ...I think I could quite enjoy driving here! ;)

We loved our little restaurant at the bottom of the hotel where the only english speaker was a manager who always took care of us. Chapati bread, boiled eggs and curd (local yogurt) was our breakfast usual. The small cups of chai for 2 pennies is refreshing and delicious and readily available just about anywhere. 

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